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Alberto Boscaggin, Francesca Colasuonno, Benedetta Noris
A priori bounds and multiplicity of positive solutions for $p$-Laplacian Neumann problems with sub-critical growth.

Denis Bonheure, Francesca Colasuonno, Juraj Foldes
On the Born-Infeld equation for electrostatic fields with a superposition of point charges.

F Colasuonno, E Vecchi
Symmetry in the composite plate problem.

Alberto Boscaggin, Francesca Colasuonno, Benedetta Noris (2017)
Multiple positive solutions for a class of p-Laplacian Neumann problems without growth conditions.

Colasuonno, Francesca*, Noris, Benedetta (2017)
A p-Laplacian supercritical Neumann problem.

Colasuonno, Francesca (2016)
A p-Laplacian Neumann problem with a possibly supercritical nonlinearity.

 Colasuonno, Francesca, Iannizzotto, Antonio*, Mugnai, Dimitri (2017)
Three solutions for a neumann partial differential inclusion via nonsmooth Morse theory.

Colasuonno, Francesca, Squassina, Marco* (2016)
Eigenvalues for double phase variational integrals.

Colasuonno, Francesca, Squassina, Marco* (2015)
Stability of eigenvalues for variable exponent problems.

Bellomo, Nicola, Colasuonno, Francesca, Knopoff, Damián, Soler, Juan (2015)
From a systems theory of sociology to modeling the onset and evolution of criminality.

Agnelli, J P , Colasuonno, F , Knopoff, D (2015)
A kinetic theory approach to the dynamics of crowd evacuation from bounded domains.

Autuori, Giuseppina, Colasuonno, Francesca, Pucci, Patrizia (2014)
On the existence of stationary solutions for higher-order p-Kirchhoff problems.

Colasuonno, Francesca, Salvatori, Maria (2013)
Existence and uniqueness of solutions to a Cauchy problem modeling the dynamics of socio-political conflicts.

Colasuonno, Francesca, Pucci, Patrizia*, Varga, Csaba (2012)
Multiple solutions for an eigenvalue problem involving p-Laplacian type operators.

Autuori, G , Colasuonno, F , Pucci, P * (2012)
Blow up at infinity of solutions of polyharmonic Kirchhoff systems.

Autuori, Giuseppina, Colasuonno, Francesca, Pucci, Patrizia* (2012)
Lifespan estimates for solutions of polyharmonic kirchhoff systems.

Colasuonno, Francesca, Pucci, Patrizia* (2011)
Multiplicity of solutions for p(x) -polyharmonic elliptic Kirchhoff equations.


Corsi di insegnamento

  • Analisi I A (MFN0520)
    Corsi di Laurea Triennale in Fisica e Laurea Magistrale in Fisica
  • Analisi I B (MFN0520)
    Corsi di Laurea Triennale in Fisica e Laurea Magistrale in Fisica
  • Analisi Matematica 3 (MFN0336)
    Corso di Laurea in Matematica

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