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Transforming Education with Emerging Technologies

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SH3_11 - Social aspects of teaching and learning, curriculum studies, education and educational policies
01/01/2023 - 31/12/2025
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TransEET will forge sustainable connections and synergies between a research Lab in the most historical University in Widening Greece and four respective highly impacting labs in leading institutions in Europe. It will address the problem of shaping the use of existing and emerging technologies, for dynamic educational transformation aiming to meet the needs of the 21st century. Education is an SSH research domain which has a lot to gain from twinning between widening countries and leading research teams with complementary expertise. Envisioning and shaping the future of education in the digital era is a persistently illusive endeavor exacerbated by loosely understood changing educational needs, emerging digital technologies and the unpredictability of societal, citizenship, mobility parameters. TransEET will significantly augment the research, leadership and impact capability of a Greek Lab with outstanding potential, yet hampered and slowed down by lagging experience in administration, management and capability for international impact. The project will establish a strategic program leading to the co-design, implementation and outreach of educational innovations with emerging technologies such as AI, VR, AR, 3D printing, in an equal pace and range across the partners. Twinning will be uniquely fueled by an original method called 'Co.F.E.' comprising of the following elements, a) creating four Communities of Interest involving diverse members and engaged in complementary joint enterprises (CoI), b) generating homegrown technologies affording a dense flow of useable rapid prototypes (FRP), and c) augmenting the CoI research actors' hybrid expertise to meet the interdisciplinary necessity to address this research field (AHE). The Co.F.E. method will aim to generate strong leadership capacity in a Greek institution, contribute to world-leading sustained research and innovation in a transforming Education sector, and impact on all the partners' educational contexts 

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