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December 18-19, 2023 | 4th ItaCa Workshop: last days for registrations

Pubblicato: Giovedì 23 novembre 2023

On December 18-19, 2023, will take place in Turin, Italy, the 4th ItaCa Workshop, and it will be located at Palazzo Nuovo, via Sant'Ottavio 20, 10124 Turin, Italy.

ItaCa Workshop is a series of short workshops organized by ItaCa, the Italian community of category theorists.
The focus of the ItaCa Workshop lies on the development and applications of category theory. Students and early career researchers are particularly encouraged to attend and to submit talk proposals.

How to partecipate

Program Committee

Organizing committee

More details

  • The workshop will take place in person.
  • Participation is free of charge but registration is mandatory.
  • Some funding is available to provide accommodation for speakers, with a preference for early career researchers. Please contact the organizers, if interested.

For inquiries, mail to:

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