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25 maggio 2023 | Lezione Lagrangiana: Prof. R. Schilling

Giovedì 25 maggio 2023
Pubblicato: Domenica 15 gennaio 2023

Lezione lagrangiana

On Liouville's Theorem 

Prof. Renè Schilling 
University of Dresden

Data e luogo:
25 maggio 2023 alle 15:00-16:00
in Aula A del Dipartimento di Matematica "G. Peano"


Link webex per seguire il colloquio in streaming. 

The classical Liouville Theorem says that bounded analytic and bounded harmonic functions are constant. We are going to discuss results of this kind, for bounded as well as for growing functions, for a class of non-local operators that includes, for example, the generators of Lévy processes.

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